The society has always valued the regular support provided by our patrons who's fee's help us maintain and improve the standards and quality of our production.

In return they recieve advanced booking facilities, regular news letters and a complimentary ticket for our two main productions each year. They are also welcome to join us at any of our social functions and to our A.G.M.  Some of our patrons also chose to get involved in our productions in a more active way such as back stage, set construction, props, costumes, front of house and committee roles which is also most welcome. 


If you wish to become a patron it's just £25 per person per year (Less than the standard cost of a ticket to our two main shows) Please click on the "Join Us" section for more details.

We would like to thank the following people for their patronage of the society...


Mrs S. Biffle                                       Mr T. Jones

Cllr B. Blanchard-Cooper                  Mrs T. Killick    

Mrs & Mrs C. Blanchard                    Mrs R. Kingdon-Butcher 

Mrs D. Brown                                     Mr G. Hart               

Mr & Mrs E. Buckland                        Mr & Mrs W. Mascarenhas

Mr & Mrs B. Carroll                            Ms L. Murray 

Mrs D. Cleal                                       Mr J. Nicholson             

Mr M. Combes                                   Mrs P. Payne  

Mrs M. Cooper                                   Mr B. Quinton 

Mr R. Cooper                                     Mrs P. Rendell

Mr & Mrs F. Ellingford                        Mrs G. Roberts                          

The Edwin James Festival Choir       Mrs J. Simmons 

Cllr A. Gammon                                 Mr P. Sorrell

Mrs L. Haynes                                   Mrs C. Wall  

Mrs L. Hill                                           Mr & Mrs J Windsor             

Mrs G. Hodgson                                Mrs J Woodcock

Mrs K. James                                     Mrs M. Wright                                         









We are located at:

Our Headquaters at;

Dance Industry Studios, Littlehampton.


We Perform at;

The Windmill Theatre,


If you are interested in joining us as a member or patron please contact us at...

Get social with us.

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