About Us

Founded in 1951 and affiliated to the National Operatic and Dramatic Association (NODA)


President:                                     Chris Blanchard-Cooper


Vice Presidents:                           Mrs C. Bennett, Mrs M. Cooper, Mrs P. Hoskison,

                                                       Mr B. Kelly, Mr H. Leisk, Mr K. Mayne, Mr B. Mercer,

                                                       Mr B. Shewry, Mr J. Mr C. Stanford  Mrs P. Stanford,

                                                       Mr T. Whittle, Mr J. Windsor                                                      ,


Life Members:                               Mr C. Blanchard-Cooper, Mrs J. Combes, Miss L. Jones,                                                                  Mrs G. Kelly, Miss J. Miles, Mrs J. Nicholas, Mrs J. Porter,                                                                Mr S. Powell, Mrs P. Rendell, Mrs C. Robinson, Mrs V. Rose,

                                                      Mrs J. Sampson, Mr R. Sampson, Mr J. Simmons,                                                                            Mrs D. Whittle


Officers and Committee:


Chairman:                                       Kelly Manchee

Vice Chair:                                      Charlotte Reader 

Secretary:                                       Currently Unfilled

Treasurer:                                       Penny Rendell

Membership Secretary:                  John Carroll

Patrons Secretary:                         Catherine Robinson

Publicity Officer:                             Amelia Whittle

Licencing Officer & Librarian:         Charlotte Reader

Wardrobe Co-ordinator:                 Currently Unfilled

Theatre Liaison Officer:                  Melanie Bastable

Production Coordinator:                 Bev Seal

General Commmittee:                    Rebecca Johnson, Janet Smith




We are located at:

Our Headquaters at;

Dance Industry Studios, Littlehampton.


We Perform at;

The Windmill Theatre,


If you are interested in joining us as a member or patron please contact us at...


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