About Us

Founded in 1951 and affiliated to the National Operatic and Dramatic Association (NODA)


President:                                     Chris Blanchard-Cooper


Vice Presidents:                           Mrs C. Bennett, Mrs M. Cooper, Mrs P Hoskison,

                                                       Mr B Kelly, Mr H Leisk, Mr K Mayne, Mr B Mercer,

                                                       Mr B Shewry, Mr J Mr C Stanford,  Mrs P Stanford,

                                                       Mr T Whittle, Mr J. Windsor,                                                       ,


Life Members:                              Mr C Blanchard-Cooper, Mrs J Combes,

                                                      Miss L Jones, Mrs G Kelly, Miss J Miles, Mrs J Nicholas,

                                                      Mrs J Porter, Mr S Powell, Mrs P Rendell, Mrs C Robinson,

                                                      Mrs V Rose, Mrs J Sampson, Mr R Sampson, Mr J Simmons,                                                           Mrs D Whittle


Officers and Committee:


Chairman:                                       Kelly Manchee

Vice Chair:                                      Charlotte Reader 

Secretary:                                       Sonia Heryet

Treasurer:                                       Penny Rendell

Membership Secretary:                  John Carroll

Patrons Secretary:                         Catherine Robinson

Publicity Officer:                             Currently Unfilled

Licencing Officer & Librarian:         Charlotte Reader

Wardrobe Co-ordinator:                 Currently Unfilled

Theatre Liaison Officer:                  Melanie Short

Production Coordinator:                 Amelia Whittle 

General Commmittee:                    Johathan Groves



We are located at:

Our Headquaters at;

Dance Industry Studios, Littlehampton.


We Perform at;

The Windmill Theatre,


If you are interested in joining us as a member or patron please contact us at...


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